Complete covering
Waterproof and breathable

Why use Cover Fit ?


Cover-fit has the perfect measures in order to cover not only the seats and back rests but also mattresses or devices used in conducted classes. Our priority is to guarantee maximum hygiene, and therefore the size of the towel is calculated in a way that allows us to do so. In many cases the habitually used towels are of a reduced size and do not have any adherence system. Therefore they cover either the back rest or the seat of a fitness device but not both parts at the same time.


Thanks to the elastics that are located on the upper part of Cover-fit it can be fixed to the back rests, which anticipates that the towel moves or falls down during the training. That is why we can assure you a comfortable training, without folds or parts that are left without protection.


This is one of the big advantages of Cover-fit and until now it did not exist any towel that was actually efficient in matters of impermeability.When sweat permeates through the towel the total hygiene that you need is not given. Even though it is usually mandatory to use towels in the gym, it is not specified which kind of towels are to be used, and the majority of people uses average bathroom towels. Hygenical problems arrouse because firstly the permeation of sweat occurs through the towel and secondly the sweat stains the fitness machines and later the towel absorbs not only the own sweat but also the sweat of all people using the gym. Finally the forwarding of sweat continues. Only Cover-fit guarantees that there is no transportation of sweat. It is 100% impermeable. With Cover-fit your sweat is absorbed but no foreign sweat reaches you.


This is actually the only function that is shared with a bathroom towel. It is important that Cover-fit exhibits the function of apsorbtion, and that is why it is made up of highest quality cotton.

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